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Midnight sun geocaching 29.-30.6. Midnight sun geocaching 29.-30.6.

The Midnight sun geocaching event (29.-30.6) gathers geocaching enthusiasts from all over the world to Oulu to admire the midnight sun and to search for geocaches around the clock. The main venue for the geocaching event is the magnificent Nallikari beach. The opening festivities commence 29.6. at 12 noon.

Various activities will take geocaching enthusiasts around the New Oulu - on land, sea, and down the river. The hundreds of different geocaches found around the Oulu region acquaint the participants with the New Oulu, from Kierikki to Varjakka, in the white northern night. The event closes on Sunday with a drive (CITO) to clean up Nallikari beach right down to the last piece of litter.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor hobby in which participants hide and locate boxes known as geocaches. The caches are located using GPS satellite positioning; however, using a GPS device is not mandatory. Coordinates and other information required for locating the cache are given in a cache description, published on one of the websites devoted to the hobby.

A typical cache consists of a waterproof box containing a log into which those who find the cache add their name. In addition, the cache may contain a pencil and small, inexpensive trade items. Geocaching is spending time outdoors, camping, treasure hunting, a modern form of orienteering, an extreme sport, finding the right equipment, competing, getting to know people, and making your own cache.

More information about the event:

Organised by Pohjois-Suomen geokätköilijät ry.