The main objective of the Turvallinen Oulu – Safe Oulu (2019-2021) project is to prevent sexual crimes against minors in Oulu.  

The secondary objectives are: 

  • Reduce the amount and threat of sexual crimes and sexual harassment  
  • Strengthen the role of children and youth as active members of the community 
  • Support and increase the knowledge of families to prevent sexual offences 
  • Strengthen the media and safety skills of children, youth, and parents 
  • Strengthen the integration of immigrants to the community 
  • Prevent recidivism and rehabilitate young offenders 

Seven sections  

The project consists of seven sections: 

1. Fostering the safety skills education of children and youth 

2. Strengthening the training and know-how of the professionals to prevent sexual crimes 

3. Strengthening the psycho-social support of children and youth 

4. Multidisciplinary model of facing the youth during their leisure time 

5. Fostering the self-esteem of youth – stories form the City of Oulu 

6. Making the integration of immigrants more effective 

7. Rehabilitating young offenders 

The project is coordinated by the Educational and Cultural services of the City of Oulu.

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Opetushallituksen rahoittamat koulutukset (pdf)

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Hyvinvointipalveluiden koulutuskalenteri


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Helvi - Suojellaan lapsia seksuaaliväkivallalta -valmennus (pdf)


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