Kansainvälisyyskurssi USA 2009


Thirteen students and three teachers of Haukipudas High School were honored to have a thrilling opportunity to visit Medina High School for one and a half weeks in October 2009. The trip was a success. Not only did our students get a glimpse of the everyday school life in the USA and to live with an American host family, but also to feel the culture of an altogether new nation. And this time it was not the superficial and dazzling world of the American series shown on our TV, but the reality of life with its upsides and downsides on the streets and subways of Chelsea and Manhattan in New York City, in the farms of Berlin in the Amish Country, Ohio, and in the houses of a typical small-sized American city, Medina, in Midwest USA. The highlights of our trip also included the Musical Hair on Broadway and the NHL ice hockey match in Madison Square Garden, New York City, as well as the NBA basketball match at the Q-Arena and the musical history tour in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland. We are extremely grateful for all the wonderful and hospitable American host families who made the exchange possible, and hope to see them again in Finland or in the USA in the very near future. Please let's keep in touch and cherish our friendship in the years to come!

As a continuance for our Finnish-American collaboration, the teachers and the administration at both ends agreed to launch a student exchange program between our high schools. Our students are warmly welcome to participate in the program as an exchange student/a host family for an American/Finnish student in Ohio/Haukipudas for a couple of weeks to three months. Trustworthy and suitable families as well as interesting and beneficial course schedules will be provided by the schools. We are sure the experience will enrich and inspire our students, strengthen their global communication skills as well as offer them specialized knowledge on the American and Finnish culture and beliefs. (For more information, please contact Ms. Tiina Mustakangas at Haukipudas High School or Mr. Robert Thompson at Medina High School.)

Another success on our trip to the USA was that the Student exchange was not the only project agreed on. Medina High School is now an active partner in our Messages Across Three Continents project and will participate in assisting our partner school in Dar es Salaam. Hooray! There is also a serious attempt to meet in Tanzania in 2012...


Buller Annika
Heikkilä Venla
Hiltunen Heini
Kämä Anni-Reeta
Mattila Saija
Nisula Taneli
Nurro Elisa
Posio Henri
Siltakoski Sanni
Säävälä Fanny
Tervonen Antti
Tolonen Riku
Törmälä Atte
Opettajat: Anja Moilanen, Tiina Mustakangas, Juha-Matti Laakko


Friday, 9th Oct.                 
Finnair, Oulu - Helsinki(AY354) 11:00 am - 11:55 am
Finnair, Helsinki - New York(AY5) 14:10 pm - 15:50 pm
Chelsea International Hostel, 251 West 20th Street

Saturday, 10th Oct.          
Sight seeing (Empire State Building) + Musical Hair at 8:00 pm (Al Hirschfeld Theater, 302 West 45th Street)

Sunday, 11th Oct.            
Sight seeing + NHL Madison Square Garden, NY Rangers-Anaheim (60$) 5:00 pm.

Monday, 12th Oct.           
Sight seeing (Central Park)
Departure to JFK Airport at 1:00 pm
American Eagle, New York JFK – Cleveland(AA4451) 5:05 pm  -7:10 pm
Meeting the families at the airport

Tuesday, 13th Oct.          
Lessons, Medina High School

Wednesday, 14th Oct.    
Lessons, MHS

Thursday, 15th Oct.         
Amish country + Cleveland (overnight stay)

Friday, 16th Oct.               
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (22$) + shopping, Cleveland
MHS Friday night football at 7:00 pm

Saturday, 17th Oct.          
The Ledges (with families) + Environmental Education Centre

Sunday, 18th Oct.             Family day

Monday, 19th Oct.            Lessons, MHS


Tuesday, 20th Oct.          
Departure to JFK Airport at 9.00am
American Eagle, Cleveland - New York JFK(AA4450)      1:10pm 2:59pm
Finnair, New York - Helsinki(AY6) 17:40 08:50           

Wednesday, 21st Oct.     Finnair, Helsinki - Oulu(AY365) 12:40 13:40