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"Best Place" photo exhibition and youth culture event 24.5. "Best Place" photo exhibition and youth culture event 24.5.

The "Best Place" exhibition features photos taken by local youth. The exhibition is open during May and June.

The theme is a place in the area where the young people live where they like to spend time alone or with others. Pupils in grades 9 in the new Oulu area are invited to take part.

A multimedia show featuring the photos will be compiled and shown for the first time on the large screen on Rotuaari during the "Best Place" youth culture event in May 2013. The exhibition is also accessible via Ubi screens. Young people also have a chance to express their ideas, in the style of Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, and make suggestions aimed at improving youth and leisure activities in the areas where they live. The addresses will be captured on video and delivered to decision-makers in Oulu.

The event is free of charge.

Arranged by the Waria Cooperative.

Photo Pirjo Lempeä