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Illuminating Kiiminkijoki River 13.-14.9. Illuminating Kiiminkijoki River 13.-14.9.

The two-day Illuminating Kiiminkijoki River event 13-14.9 at holiday resort Onnela in Asemakylä, Haukipudas.

Come and explore the beautiful Kiiminkijoki river! Discussion on the state of Kiiminkijoki river Fri 13.9 from 5.30 PM on. Youth band performs starting at 8 PM.
On Saturday 14.9 a bus tour on both banks of Kiiminkijoki river. Group activities in the afternoon. After sundown, torches are lit along the river, from Koiteli rapids to the delta. Torch relay by boat and canoe.

Arranged by the Finland-Russia Society, Haukipudas section.