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A Normal Day 16.2. A Normal Day 16.2.

A Normal Day is the story of a normal day at school told through dance. The story unfolds through different dance forms. The themes include love, friendship, tolerance and the fact that in the end, together we are strong.

First night at Teatterikuoppa in Haukipudas, Sat 9.2 at 6.00 pm (tickets €6)

First night is followed by a tour of junior high schools in the Oulu area in March-April 2013.

The performance features 17 young dancers aged 14 to 18 from different parts of the new Oulu.

Choreography is by professionals at Oulun Tanssikomppania: Hanna Appel, Mia Jaatinen and Hanna Siren.

Dance styles featured include street dance, modern dance and modern ballet. Produced by Oulun Tanssikomppania ry.

  Photo Iivari Karjalainen