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Urban Ride Oulu 20.4. Urban Ride Oulu 20.4.

Urban Ride Oulu is a bicycle orienteering race featuring a number of control points with tasks. In previous years, tasks have ranged from a voluntary dip into a hole in the ice to counting the steps of the tower in Tietomaa.
Take-off from Pyörä-Suvala bike shop (Lekatie 2, Oulu) Saturday 20.4.2013 at 12 noon. Please be there in good time!
Orienteering may be based on maps, photographs or street addresses. This will only be revealed at the starting line. However, hints might be dropped on the event website in advance!
In addition to hard racing, an integral part of the event is the banquet - a mixture of post-race analysis, sauna bathing, replenishing energy reserves and an evening spent in good company.
Human-powered bikes of all descriptions are allowed to enter the race.
Arranged by Krossikommuuni ry.
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