Sustainable Kaijonharju

The City of Oulu participates in The Suburb Programme 2020-2022 coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment. The objective of the programme is to achieve positive, long-term development that facilitates the residents’ well-being and the areas’ vitality. The Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment also participate in the Suburb Programme.

The Suburb Programme project in Oulu is located in Kaijonharju. The project is titled ‘Kestävä Kaijonharju – Sustainable Kaijonharju’.

Background info

The inter-administrative project of the Suburban Programme being implemented in Kaijonharju has been named Kestävä Kaijonharju - Sustainable Kaijonharju. The basis for the implementation of the project is the outline plan of the Linnanmaa and Kaijonharju area completed in 2019. The outline plan will be implemented by urban infill, improving the environment and the local service centre, and developing the transport network.

In Kaijonharju, cooperation is strengthened between the city, residents and other local actors. Environment, facilities and activities are planned together between different actors. The aim is to enliven the district, prevent area’s decline and segregation, promote community spirit and attract new residents. Policies to promote resident participation and equality are supported and developed as part of the objective of a socially sustainable city.

The project utilizes the area’s great location between two lakes. Recreational trails by the lakes have long been at the top of the residents’ wish list. Planning of the service centre renewal will be continued. The goal is to connect the campus and commercial services at the centre better. Infill construction aims to diversify the population distribution and housing stock. The top project for housing will be ‘Lähimmäiskortteli (Neighbour Block)’ which mixes services and diverse housing located in the centre.

The most apparent measures of the suburban programme are investments and improvements in the physical environment of the area, which are supported by the Finnish Housing Finance and Development Center ARA. The project also includes several smaller measures aimed at enlivening the area, e.g. events and culture. An important part of the project is the involvement of residents in planning and development.

The project also works together with the research project of the University of Oulu called ‘New Forms of housing – Integrating, living suburbs (AsuMut)’.