Future of Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju

In the late 1960s the decision was made that the University of Oulu was to be moved to Linnanmaa, 5 kilometers outside of the city center. A two-phase architectural competition was held in 1967 to design the new university campus and Kaijonharju residential area. In the 1980s the Technology Village was founded in the Linnanmaa next to university. Oulu’s growth has been rapid in recent decades and new residential areas have been built and old ones redeveloped. To redevelope the Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju area City of Oulu has published an directive outline plan (2019) for the Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju area to create a comprehensive view and vision for the future. The outline plan is made to steer the city planning on abstract level based on the master plan of Oulu (2016). Goal is to enable the developent of the area as an compact and green urban area with diverse functions that are based on sustainable traffic forms.

Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju Outline plan - land use and scheme


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Kirjaamo, PL 27
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City planning architect (temp.)
Jonna Koivuranta
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City planning architect
Leena Soudunsaari  
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Head city planning architect
Sisko Repola 
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