Preschool Education

6 year-old children participate in municipal preschool education. If a 7 year-old child's school participation is delayed, they will also participate in preschool. If a decision of extended compulsory education has been made for a 5 year-old child, they may also participate in preschool.

The children attend preschool for four hours a day. Lunch is also provided. The preschool year mostly follows the working hours and holidays of school years.

Preschool participation is mandatory based on the Basic Education Act. The child's guardian is responsible that the child participates in preschool or in some comparable activity that achieves preschool goals during the year before entering basic education.

Signing up for preschool

Early childhood care with preschool education

Decision of preschool place

Schools and daycare centres that offer preschool education

Preschool activity periods and holidays