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In English

Business, pleasure or matriculation examination?

English is a language that you hear every day from television and read in the net.

But there is always a chance to improve your language skills!  

Maybe there is a need to speak fluent English in a business meeting, or a long waited holiday in a distant destination is approaching. And of course you need to study for the matriculation examination, for sure!

Oulu city library has a large collection of materials in English and here you have some examples of them. Enjoy English!


Language courses for different occupational purposes

Mark Powell: Dynamic presentations

Paul McGrory: Healthy English

Sylee Gore: English for marketing & advertising

Kenneth Thomson: English for meetings

Engineer your English

Panu Koponen: Expert English for food professionals

Dictionaries for professionals

Cambridge business English dictionary

Concise medical dictionary

Rea Tuominen: Gastronominen sanasto

Nikolas Davies: Dictionary of architecture and building construction


Classics and other fictional books

Lucy Dillon: Ballroom Class

John Grisham: Calico Joe

Evelyn Vaughn: Brideshead revisited

Clive Cussler: Lost empire

John Steinbeck: Of mice and men

Language courses for travelers

Heikki Tulkki: Englantia matkailijoille (intermediary level)

Ewa Gustafsson: Englannin syventävä kurssi (intermediary level)

Comic books in English

Bill Willingham: Fables series

Agatha Christie "meets comics"

Eric Shanower: Age of Bronze series

Listen to a shortened classic with a matching textbook

Evelyn Attwood: Wuthering heights (original title by Emily Bronte)

David Wharry: The black cat and other stories (original title by Edgar Allan Poe)

Paola Trimarco: Grapes of wrath (original title by John Steinbeck)

J.Y.K. Kerr: Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of Boscombe Pool (original title by Arthur Conan Doyle)


Materials for those who want to study English for the matriculation examination