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Sports Sports

One of the focal points in the OUlu City early education plan in physical education.

Mobile Early Education Project 2012 to 2015

Mobile Early Education is a three-year project to promote children's activity with the main goal in bringing more mobility to a child's day at the daycare centre. The aim of the project is to encourage a child's motor development by sports, creating shared opportunites for sports for the family, encouraging pro-sports attitude in the staff as well as supporting their skills and building up and strengthening the collaborative structures for sports.

All municipal daycare centres are a part of the programme and each daycare centre aims at their goals by individual, daycare centre specific cooperation. The project consider physical education regarding individual daycare centres and needs and conditions; an annual watch for sports is drawn up along with age-appropriate sports plans for each age group to enhance everyday mobility and at the same time to allow the children practise their motor skills in accordance with their development. Collaboration will take place at every daycare centre during the project. The project includes also training programmes and daycare-specific equipment acquisition plans.

A sprts coordinator runs the project and is the expert, the pep talker and coordinator helping in achieving the goals. Mobile Early Education is a part of the Mobile School cooperation.