300 minute reading challenge

The 300 Minute Reading Challenge was launched in 2019. The third part of the challenge in finnish will be published on 28.4.2020. English version is ready in may 2020.

The first part of the challenge was aimed at younger children. The second part of the challenge was meant for grades 7–9 and part three is aimed at older students. However, anyone is welcome to participate in the challenge.

The reading challenge was created by the Jääli School students’ union in Oulu and published together with the Oulu City Library. Through the challenge, the Oulu City Library is also a part of the national Literacy Movement.

The reading challenge is about reading 10 minutes at a time using different styles of reading. You can choose from 30 different styles. Part three of the challenge is about reading 30 minutes at a time, using 10 different reading styles. You can use only one style of reading per reading session. Once you have finished the challenge, you have read 300 minutes in total. Excellent job!

Take the challenge and share your participation on social media with the hashtags:
#lukuhaaste300 #lukuliike #readingchallenge300

If you reside in Oulu, you can also include the hashtags #oululukee #lukuiloaliikkeellä.

Reading challenges in finnish and swedish

Reading challenge in finnish

Reading challenge in swedish

Reading Challenge No. 3 for young people and upper secondary school

Challenge is made in co-operation with Oulun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun lukio (OSYK).

One of OSYK students, Ella Jänkälä, has made the illustrations for the poster. Visual appearance by Riikka Savela.


Load challenge form  (interactiv PDF)

You can save the challenge form to your phone. Open the form with, for example, Adobe Acrobat Reader. Tick ​​the items you have completed and the form will remember your entry.

Printable poster A3

Marketing video for social media

Poster A1 (for printing house)

Reading Challenge No. 2 for secondary school and 4-6th graders

This challenge has been made in collaboration with Pohjankartano school in Oulu.
In materials, there is also a form, where you can invent your own reading styles.

Illustration and the visual appearance: Riikka Savela

Reading Challenge No. 2 form, A5

Find your own reading style, A5

Reading Challenge No. 2 poster, A3


Materials for printing house

300 minutes reading challenge No. 2 note, A5

300 minute reading challenge No. 2 poster, A1

Reading Challenge No. 1 for primary school

Original challenge, which has been invented in Jääli school in Oulu. This challenge is good for primary school and for families.In materials, there is also a form, where you can invent your own reading styles.

300 Minute Reading Challenge form, A4

Invent your own reading style, A4

300 Minute Reading Challenge poster, A3


Materials for printing house

300 minute reading challenge note, A4

300 minute reading challenge poster, A1