Library Route - Kirjastoreitti

Kirjastoreitti can be translated as Library Route. Kirjastoreitti involves systematic collaboration with schools in the City of Oulu in Northern Finland.

Inspiring children to read and search for information

The main objective of Kirjastoreitti is that children visit the library at least four times during their school years. In Kirjastoreitti we inspire children to read. The aim is also that children achieve information-gathering skills and are able to improve and maintain those skills. There are 24 public libraries and 50 comprehensive schools in Oulu.  Each school has a designated library it collaborates with. Kirjastoreitti has its own website

Cooperation with schools and libraries in the city of Oulu (pp-presentation)

Pre-school in Kirjastoreitti

  • "Lukuhöperö" reading pass ("Mad about reading"). The main goal is to inspire parents to read to and with their children.

Primary school

  • first grade: pupils visit their branch library and get a library card

  • third grade: a book talk session in the library

  • fifth grade: we teach pupils to seek information

  • there are also exhibitions and presentations aimed at and produced by children in the libraries

Secondary school

  • seventh grade: teachers can choose if they want us to teach information seeking or arrange a book talk session for their pupils

  • there are also exhibitions and presentations aimed at and produced by children in the libraries

  • some children work in libraries from 1 to 5 days (job shadowing)


High School

In the first year of high school students come to visit the library. We give them a tour of the library premises and tell them about our services and how the library can help them with their studies.

After the tour we search for information in the library's database and students complete tasks with their mobile phones or tablets.

Reading Diplomas

Oulu City Reading Diplomas are planned in co-operation between the library and the schools. The Diplomas encourage reading and develop reading skills.

There are Reading Diplomas right from pre-school all the way to high school. Children and young people read books and do tasks connected to the books.

The books can be found in the library and the pupil agrees with the teacher about taking a diploma. Taking diploma is voluntary. The stories and the joy of reading are important!

Oulu International School Reading Diploma.

Reading diplomas -leaflet

Poster of Reading diplomas:

Poster of Reading Diplomas (jpg)